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Francesca Prati

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow


My research interests focus on social and cognitive strategies to ameliorate intergroup relationship and promote social inclusion. I investigated the role of multiple and counter-stereotypic categorization as well as social identity complexity in reducing outgroup members’ dehumanization. Overall these experiences that challenge stereotypical diversity can be implemented in interventions to encourage tolerance in modern multicultural societies.

I also worked on political cognition and behavior, by addressing the interplay between social dominance and social identity complexity as antecedents of political engagement in support of minorities’ human rights. Moreover, I studied the role of others’ morality as a guarantee of human reciprocity in eliciting observers’ prosocial behaviors.   

At present, I am studying the consequences of the interplay between negative and positive intergroup contact on unintended pervasive behaviors, such as linguistic forms of communication and physiological reactions of both minority and majority group members. This research will combine social, physiological and cross-cultural perspectives.  

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