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Research groups


Gurpreet Reen


Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Researcher at Oxford Healthcare Improvement centre

Research summary

My research interests lie in the improvement of patient safety and patient outcomes in mental health. In my current postdoctoral work, I am focusing on the use of restrictive practices in inpatient psychiatric wards. Restrictive practices are commonly used to curtail and manage harmful incidents such as self-harm, violence and aggression. At times, moderate use of restrictive practices is necessary for patient safety. However, excessive use of restrictive practices can have a harmful psychological impact on both patients and staff on the ward.

The aim of my research is to better understand the predictive factors that can trigger the excessive use of restrictive practices on inpatient psychiatric wards and to develop interventions that can reduce the excessive use of these practices. As part of this work, I will collaborate closely with the Oxford Healthcare Improvement centre within Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust. I will also engage clinicians and patients at all stages of my research.


I completed my PhD at Royal Holloway University of London in May 2017, in collaboration with King's College NHS Foundation Trust. My doctoral work culminated in the development of an evidence-based intervention to improve shared treatment decision-making for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Following this, I briefly worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher with MS Trust. I was later co-awarded a research grant with Prof. Dawn Langdon to analyse the UK MS register, a large dataset containing clinical information of thousands of MS patients in the UK. I joined the Department of Experimental Psychology as a Postdoctoral Research Associate in June 2018.