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Harriet Smith


Research Assistant

I graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Experimental Psychology in July 2017. During my undergraduate degree I became interested in how the brain supports speech and language processing, and in the development of these functions over time.  

I am now part of the Speech and Brain Research Group. This group uses brain imaging and brain stimulation to study speech and language in both typical and disordered populations. 

I am currently working on the Brain Organisation in Language Development (BOLD) project, under the supervision of Dr Saloni Krishnan and Professor Kate Watkins. The aim of this research is to investigate the neural basis of developmental language disorder. Around 7% of children have difficulty learning their first language as expected, but we know very little about how differences in brain structure and function relate to these problems. The BOLD project uses magnetic resonance imaging to address this question. This project is funded by the Medical Research Council.