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Iana Alexeeva


Cognition & Health Research Group (Martin Lab)

Research Summary

My research is focused on health psychology, behavioural medicine, and information processing in individuals with chronic conditions. The aims of the research include improving quality of life and lifting the burden of disease, development of health promotion and illness prevention strategies.

I investigate cognitive and behavioural aspects of chronic conditions, such as M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, asthma and cancer. I am looking at how people perceive their health or illness and how they choose to cope with their symptoms and treatment side effects. My special interest is in fatigue and activity/recovery cycle. I investigate whether a particular perception of your body, symptoms, and exertion is associated with a particular pattern of symptoms and illness duration, and with particular methods of coping. In terms of application, the understanding how patterns of symptoms and coping styles fit together helps in the development of strategies that reduce the impact of risk factors and promote resilience.

Our current project is a collaboration with the University of Leiden (the Netherlands). We are conducting a multinational study on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. Our research goal is to compare the experiences of British, Dutch, Portuguese, Canadian, and French individuals in how the severity and duration of CFS/M.E. and its symptoms affect their impairment, physical disability, mental state and quality of life.

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Recent Publications

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