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Jasper Hajonides van der Meulen

My connections

Jasper Hajonides Van Der Meulen

BSc, MSc

Brain & Cognition Research Group (Nobre Lab) and Attention Group (Stokes Lab)

Jaspers research is aimed at investigating how top-down control modulates sensory representations in visual areas. More specifically, Jasper is studying selective attention, task-relevance, and perceptual expectation in human participants. Using state-of-the art neurophysiological and magnetic resonance methods in conjunction with neurocomputational modelling he hopes to contribute to this rapidly evolving field of research.



Before starting his DPhil in Oxford Jasper obtained his undergraduate and research masters degree from the University of Amsterdam. During his previous education he spent a year as part of the lab of Prof. Kia Nobre at Oxford University, a year in the Prediction and Attention lab headed by Dr. Floris de Lange at the Donders Institute, and a year in the Attention and Perception lab of Prof. Sabine Kastner at Princeton University. 

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