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Research Summary

2016: Fulbright Visiting Fellow, Harvard University

2013-2017: D.Phil in Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

2014: Visiting Scholar, Yale University

2012-2013: MSc in Psychological Research, University of Oxford (Distinction)

2009-2012: B.A. in Psychology, Philosophy, and Physiology, University of Oxford (First Class)

Please click here for a full and recent version of my CV.

Jim AC Everett

B.A. (Oxon), MSc (Oxon)

PostDoctoral Research Fellow


I completed my D.Phil in Experimental Psychology under the supervision of Dr Molly CrockettDr Nadira Faber, and Prof. Miles Hewstone. I am now a PostDoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Oxford, and have previously worked at Yale University as a Visiting Researcher and Harvard University as a Fulbright Fellow. 

I am interested in how our prosocial intentions and behaviours are mediated and moderated by intergroup processes. My core academic interests relate to moral psychology and the social psychology of intergroup conflict, prejudice, and discrimination. When, and why, are people moral – and when are they not? What causes people to discriminate and even murder members of other groups? What evolutionary and cognitive mechanisms drive our moral behavior in groups? How can altruistic behaviour be encouraged?

For more information about my work, please visit my personal website

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Recent Publications

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