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Joshua Calder-Travis

MPhysPhil, MSc

Attention & Cognitive Control Lab (Yeung Lab)

I investigate human confidence using simple decision-making tasks, requiring the use of incoming perceptual information. There are a number of theories explaining how humans may combine evidence from their senses to reach these decisions, and how processing of this evidence is related to confidence.

Using computational modelling I hope to explore the behavioural implications of various accounts of decision-making and confidence, before empirically testing these predictions using previously collected data, and data I will collect myself in new variants of standard perceptual decision-making tasks.

Another strand of my research involves studying the populations of neurons which compute confidence, by examining electroencephalographic (EEG) signals produced while people make decisions, and report their confidence.  Researchers have located specific signals which may allow us to gain additional insight into the construction of confidence.

More broadly, I am very interested in the functional role of confidence. For instance, researchers have suggested that confidence may play a role in cognitive control mechanisms, efficient learning, and group decision-making. While consideration of these topics guides my research, they are more directly addressed by other members of the ACC lab.