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Karen Mansfield

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

The primary motivation behind my research is an attempt to understand how the human brain can effectively and efficiently control behaviour, which often requires overruling learned or automatic responses. I use behavioural and electrophysiological (EEG) measures that offer high temporal resolution in order to assess different aspects of learning and executive control.

My doctoral research (Tilburg University, The Netherlands) was an investigation into the neural correlates of executive control with varying degrees of stimulus-response compatibility. The functional mechanisms I assessed were those involved in the resolution of stimulus-, task-, and response interference. I used various electrophysiological measures, including stimulus- and response-locked ERPs and lateralised motor activation. 

As Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the Department of Experimental Psychology, I am currently investigating the effects of cognitive training and transcranial Electrical Stimulation (tES) on the neural correlates of executive control and fluid intelligence. One goal is to identify the neural correlates of enhanced performance and increased efficiency during problem-solving, by assessing EEG spectra during complex tasks before and after different training interventions.

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