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Kuppuraj Sengottuvel

Visiting Newton International Post Doctoral Fellow

My research in broad is concerned with trying to understand why some children have specific language learning difficulty (a condition widely known as Specific Language Impairment).  I study the learning mechanisms underlying language in these children from the procedural declarative model.   I received a two year Newton International Postdoctoral fellowship to work with Dorothy Bishop at her Oxford Study of Children’s Communication Impairments (OSCCI) to investigate the learning behaviour of conditional probability (language like) events in children with and without language impairment.  

We build on previous evidence that language is full of such conditional probabilities which varies across different language structures the child is being exposed to. I make cross-linguistic comparison on these measures (we will be comparing data from English speaking and Kannada speaking children). We have proposed interesting hypotheses such as 1) regularity learning differences in children with SLI will reflect on their grammar performance, and 2) some language structures (like English) could be more vulnerable  to deficits in regularity learning compared to others (like Kannada). The ultimate intention of my research is to provide a language structure specific intervention strategy for efficient and long lasting treatment effects.  

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