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Louise Crispin

BA. Business Management

Undergraduate Examinations and Admissions Officer


I am in charge of the Undergraduate Admissions and Examinations process for both our BA Experimental Psychology and BA Psychology, Philosophy & Linguistics undergraduate degrees. 

My duties include:

  • Organising the admissions process for new undergraduates for each academic year
  • Drafting and submitting all examinations papers for Prelims, Part I and Part II Exams
  • Collecting and submitting all marks for each student on the course. 
  • Submitting the Students' final awarding degree class. 
  • Organising the Open Days for the Department.
  • Organising the registration of new students each academic year.
  • Producing Examiners' Reports 
I work closely with Helene Augar, the Senior Academic Administrator, Paul Azzopardi, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Nele Demeyere, Director of Undergraduate Admissions. 
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