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Margaret Moore

Translational Neuropsychology (Demeyere Lab)

I am a DPhil Student working within the Cognitive Neuropsychology Centre (CNC)’s Translational Neuropsychology Group. Broadly, I am interested in studying the behavioural outcomes of brain damage. Specifically, I plan to spend my postgraduate career investigating how visuospatial perception breaks down in stroke patients.

Visuospatial neglect is a common neuropsychological syndrome which drastically impacts the way people view the world. Patients with visuospatial neglect are unable to perceive objects, events, and people located in one side of space. Patients with this condition fail to notice loved ones approaching, struggle to read their favourite books, and are often unable to find important items when preparing food or drink. This condition is present in about half of acute stage stroke survivors and has been shown to be strongly associated with reduced quality of life and poor functional outcome throughout stroke recovery. Although visuospatial neglect is commonly studied condition, there is still a great deal left to learn about what this condition is and how it affects the daily lives of stroke survivors. I plan to spend my postgraduate career getting some of this work started.

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