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Mengyin (Maggie) Jiang

BA (UMich), MSc (Oxon)

Attention & Cognitive Control (Yeung Lab)

My research focuses on the attentional and perceptual processes of socially salient stimuli. Self-relevant information is processed with faster reaction times and greater accuracy due to social salience, this is what we call a self-bias effect. I study the modulation of the self-bias effect as well as how we process information about others in relation to the self by manipulating the saliency of the stimuli. My methods include measuring both behavioural and neural responses.

I have studied self-perception through collaborations with many other labs, which provides me the opportunity to work with people from other areas of study as well as people with different life experiences. For example, I have investigated self-perception in postnatal mothers with the Oxford BabyLab, working with infants and toddlers as well as mothers. I have interacted with stroke patients and elderly controls at the Oxford Cognitive Neuropsychology Centre. I have worked with people from Hong Kong University in a cross cultural comparison of the self-bias effect. I have also collaborated with Tsinghua University to study the relationship between reward and the intrinsic value of self through ERP to understand the underpinnings of self and reward biases.