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Michael Ben Yehuda

BSc (Hons), MSc

Attention& Cognitive Control Lab (Yeung Lab)

One area of research I have been working on is human action control: How does feeling authorship over our actions and their outcomes shape our decisions and behaviours? Over the past few decades a significant body of research has investigated the question of how people infer their own causality over events in their surroundings. My aim is to study how, in turn, this feeling (the sense of agency) affects the way we learn, make decisions, and interpret information in the environment. For example, do we learn better about events that we feel like we have caused? Are outcomes over which we feel agency more rewarding?

I am also interested in metacognition and am currently working on a project investigating how confidence judgments relate to associative learning. In my experiments I use both behavioural and physiological measures, specifically EEG.

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