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Miguel R. Ramos

Msc (U. of Exeter) PhD (U. St. Andrews)

Postdoctoral Research Associate

My research investigates the impact of the social environment on people’s well-being and health, especially of those who face disadvantage in our societies.

This includes studying the effects of harmful aspects of the social environment such as prejudice and discrimination, as well as beneficial ones such as the social ties and identities individuals develop when in contact. In my work I model both aspects together with the aim of understanding under which conditions intergroup contact and identity mitigate the harmful effects of discrimination, prejudice, and negative stereotyping.  

More recently, I have been interested in the effects of ethnic and religious diversity on people’s well-being. Are we happier and more satisfied in diverse societies? Does coexisting with individuals from a different demographic background impact our well-being and health?

My work has focused on stigmatised groups such as women, racial and ethnic minorities, and older adults. I have used a wide range of techniques spanning from lab experiments to the analysis of large surveys with worldwide data.   

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