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Muriel Panouillères

Postdoctoral Researcher

Investigating speech perception in healthy ageing


My main research interest is about the plasticity of the motor system. More specifically, I investigate how our central nervous system maintains movements’ accuracy despite the changes – physiological, pathological and environmental – that we experience all lifelong.

I use a variety of approach to investigate these plasticity mechanisms (behavioural approach, neuro-stimulation, patients' study). My work provides major insight into the characterization of the mechanisms maintaining movements’ performance, as well as into the underlying neural substrates implicated in this process. 

I also want to develop methods to stimulate these plasticity mechanisms for clinical applications in order to enhance motor recovery after brain damage or degeneration or simply improve performance in healthy ageing. 

Current research:

In my current position, I am focusing on the involvement of the motor system in speech perception. It is established that the areas involved in producing speech are also implicated during speech perception. Although their exact contributions is still not fully understood, their contributions is particularly clear in noisy environments. Healthy ageing is associated with a decrease of speech perception, especially in noisy surroundings. The aim of my current research is then to investigate the contribution of the motor system to speech perception in healthy older adults using non-invasive brain stimulation and functional brain imaging.

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