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Nicola Byrom

BSc DPhil

Visiting Postdoctoral Researcher

  • Stipendiary Lecturer in Psychology at Somerville College

Research Summary

I study learning and cognitive processes in healthy people and vulnerable groups, in order to better understand risk and etiology and inform prevention and intervention.

Learning and cognition do not occur in a vacuum, but are influenced by temporal and spatial contexts. I am interested in how we contextualise our life experiences and create mental representations of events in context. 

I work with models of associative learning and consider interactions between attention, learning and memory.

I have a broad interest in the mental health and am a founding chair of the charity Student Minds. I currently work with the charity to conduct and disseminate research to improve understanding of the current state of student mental health. For more about the research that I've completed with Student Minds - and the downloads section on this page.

Recent publications

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