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Nils Karl Reimer

BA MSc DPhil

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Research Interests

I study whether contact with members of other social groups can change not only how we see others, but also how we see ourselves – specifically, how we understand our social identities and group memberships. In my research, I try to answer questions such as: Can intergroup contact foster more inclusive identities? Can intergroup contact inspire solidarity across social divides? Does intergroup contact help or hinder social change? Can large-scale interventions foster social integration and encourage social change?

My research spans various contexts (sexuality, gender, ethnicity, religion, nationality, caste), multiple countries (UK, India, Germany), large samples (N > 15,000), and multiple designs (cross-sectional, longitudinal, experimental, intervention). 

I have recently submitted my doctoral thesis, supervised by Professor Miles Hewstone and Dr Katharina Schmid. In addition, I am working with Professor Jennifer Richeson and Professor John Dovidio on developing a novel paradigm for studying perceptions of discrimination among members of disadvantaged groups, and am conducting a meta-analysis of research on the ‘ironic’ effects of intergroup contact.

Click here for a current CV (September 2018).


2014 - 2018

DPhil in Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

Spring 2018

Visiting Researcher, Yale University

2013 - 2014

MSc in Psychological Research, University of Oxford

Fall 2012

Visiting Student, University of California, Berkeley

2010 - 2013

BA in Liberal Arts and Sciences (Social Sciences), University College Maastricht