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Nir Shalev

Nir Shalev

MA (Psychology); MA (Education)

Brain & Cognition Lab (Nobre Lab)

  • Marie Curie ESR
  • Supervisors: Prof. Kia Nobre and Dr. Nele Demeyere

Cognitive Neuropsychology of Attention

As part of the Marie Curie Initial Training Network: INDIREA (Individualised Diagnostics & Rehabilitation of Attention Disorders), the focus of my DPhil is developing behavioural assessment tools for mild attentional deficits following a stroke.  I am working under the supervision of Prof. Kia Nobre and Dr Nele Demeyere (previously supervised by the late Prof. Glyn Humphreys).

My main theoretical question is how to measure the way in which attention "fluctuates" over time, as well as to provide a theoretical account of those fluctuations. Based on behavioural and neurophysiological measures, my research covers individuals across the lifespan, in different conditions:  neuro-typical children and adults,  ageing individuals and stroke survivors. I dedicate much effort to developing new cognitive paradigms that will allow the evaluation of attention in any population.

In addition to my main thesis, I am interested in various aspects of cognitive sciences:  language, memory, consciousness, philosophy and the interactions between neuropsychology and education. 

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