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My connections

Nora Roüast

BA(Oxford) MSc(Oxford)

Brain & Cognition Lab (Nobre Lab)

As a second-year doctoral student and part of the Brain and Cognition Lab, I am supervised by Kia Nobre and Emily Holmes. I am affiliated with New College and very fortunate to be funded by the ESRC.

My main interests are long-term memory and attention, and my research tries to explore mutual influences of these cognitive processes. In particular, I have focussed on how irrelevant and distracting information could hijack spatial attention and distort resulting memories. In my further research I will explore how sleep affects the consolidation of attention and memory interactions, and whether recuing can alter this relationship. A great hope of mine is to contribute to translational cognitive neuroscience that can be used in collaboration with other departments to improve psychiatric treatment and I attempt to design my studies accordingly. In addition to behavioural studies, I am using eye-tracking, electroencephalography and polysomnography.

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Recent Publications