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Sam S. Webb

Sam S. Webb

Sam S. Webb


DPhil candidate / Research Assistant

  • DPhil student validating remote-assessment versions of paper-based and face-to-face assessments of cognition.
  • Research Assistant on Visual Attention After Stroke project

Clinical tools development within open science framework

My research interests

I am currently a DPhil candidate working on piloting, validating, and norming remote-assessments (video-call or phone-call) versions of usually face-to-face assessments of cognition. 

I am also a research assistant on the project entitled Visual Attention After Stroke, which aims to develop a clinical tool for better understanding of impairment of attention following stroke. 

My broad interests are in open science, validation, and methodology

My MSc dissertation looked at partially validating the Oxford Digital Multiple Errands Test, but focussed on examining researcher degrees of freedom in validation using a multiverse analysis. 

I have a series of pre-prints out, with more to come in the future regrading validating newly developed tools in the lab.

I am open to collaboration regarding new validation projects or regarding remote assessment of cognition in any sample group. 

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