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Sandy Schumann

Dipl.-Psych. University of Jena (2009), PhD Université Libre de Bruxelles (2014)

Postdoctoral Researcher


I investigate how the media influence processes of social change, migration, and radicalisation. Currently, I examine the impact of computer-mediated intergroup contact on prejudice, assessing specifically how affordances of computer-mediated communication shape the contact experience. Together with Prof. Miles Hewstone and Prof. Anthony Heath, I develop and implement an internet-based platform to facilitate intergroup contact between students with different religious backgrounds. This project is funded by an ESRC Impact Acceleration Account grant.

Moreover, I study immigrants' media consumption and its role for acculturation patterns. I explore whether host country TV consumption decreases prejudice towards the majority group and encourages thereby direct intergroup encounters, which foster integration.

In my PhD thesis, I assessed the phenomenon of slacktivism, more precisely, the spill-over from low-threshold online activism to offline engagement.

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