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Simone Heideman

BSc MSc DPhil

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am a postdoctoral fellow supervised by Kia Nobre and I am funded by Kia's Wellcome Trust Senior Investigator Award.

When we have information not only on what and where events are going to happen, but also know when these events will take place, we can use this information to optimally anticipate and prepare for these moments in time. My research focuses on the neural correlates of such "temporal expectations." I use MEG, fMRI and behavioural methods to study this topic.

I study how the orienting of our attention in time improves our behavioural performance, and how this process is reflected in preparatory changes in neural oscillations preceding such anticipated events. Temporal expectations can, for example, be elicited by temporal cues that prepare you for specific moments in time, evolve with the passage of time (with the likelihood of an event increasing when more and more time goes by), or go up and down with the strong beat of a rhythm. Temporal information can also be learned more implicitly over time, which is the case for sequences of movements that do not necessarily have a clear rhythmic structure.

It is important to study temporal expectations in all these different scenarios, to investigate how these processes might be similar or different to each other. Furthermore, it is important to study these mechanisms not only in young, healthy adults, but to also investigate how these processes break down with ageing and neurodegeneration, which is another main focus of my work. 

I recently completed my DPhil in the Brain and Cognition lab, during which I was a member of New College, Oxford. Before coming to Oxford, I received a BSc in Psychology and a MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. As part of my MSc, I did a one-year internship at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour and the Radboud University Medical Centre.

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