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Siobhán Harty

BA (Hons) PhD

Postdoctoral Research Associate

My research focuses on the development of novel approaches for studying and enhancing high-level cognitive functions across the lifespan.

Currently, I am particularly interested in establishing EEG biomarkers that can predict inter-individual differences in responsiveness to transcranial electrical stimulation (tES). Characterising such biomarkers should further our understanding of underlying mechanisms, and contribute to more informed and efficient application of tES.

Research methods include: tDCS, tRNS, tACS, ERP/EEG and behavioural testing.

I carried out my PhD at Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Redmond O’Connell and Ian Robertson. This work involved a series of studies tailored to evaluate the potential of tDCS to elucidate and modulate the neural and behavioural indices of error awareness in healthy older adults.

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Recent Publications

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