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Yaling Hsiao

B.A., M.Ed, M.Sc, Ph.D.

British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow; Junior Research Fellow at Wolfson College

  • Postdoctoral researcher

psycholinguistics, language processing, reading research

I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate working with Prof. Kate Nation. I use corpus data to inform our understanding on how children learn to read. We are interested in knowing the statistical properties of children's written language experience, and their own writing production. We then relate these statistics to how they learn to read, using a variety of behavioural methods.

I completed my Ph.D. at University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying the processes of language production and comprehension, and the connections between the two. I used a combination of behavioral methods, corpus analysis and computational modeling to examine the role of language experience on human sentence processing.

My broad research interests include first and second language learning and processing, neural network modeling, corpus analyses, cross-linguistic comparisons. 

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