Yinan Cao

B.Eng (Tsinghua); M.A (McGill); Clarendon Scholar

Summerfield Lab

Neural and computational mechanisms underlying multisensory decision-making

I am jointly supervised by Prof. Chris Summerfield, Prof. Christoph Kayser (Bielefeld, Germany) and Prof. Charles Spence.

Funding: Clarendon Scholarship

  • My DPhil work aims to investigate the mechanisms of human multisensory processing and perceptual decision making within crossmodal contexts; I focus on addressing two primary research questions: A. What are the neural processes transforming multiple sensory inputs to a unified representation guiding behaviour? B. How does the brain control the dynamic weighting of multiple inputs and assigns these to either a single or multiple causes?
  • focus on auditory-visual interaction;
  • use a mixture of psychophysics, functional neuroimaging (MEG) and computational modelling.

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  • Clarendon Scholarship, Oxford University (2015-8)
  • NSERC-Create Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Graduate Fellowship (2013-4)
  • CIRMMT Research Exchange Fellowship (2013)
  • Graduate Excellence Fellowship, McGill University (2011-3)
  • Award for Academic Excellence, Tsinghua University (2007, 8, 9, 10)