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Yinan Cao

B.Eng (Tsinghua); M.A (McGill); Clarendon Scholar (2015)

Crossmodal Research Lab (Spence Lab)

Neural and computational mechanisms underlying multisensory processing and multisensory decision-making

Research Summary

I am jointly supervised by Prof. Charles Spence, Prof. Christoph Kayser (University of Glasgow) and Prof. Chris Summerfield.

Funding: Clarendon Scholarship

  • started DPhil in October 2015;
  • current work is concerned with the mechanisms of human multisensory processing and perceptual decision making within crossmodal contexts;
  • focus on auditory-visual interaction;
  • use a mixture of psychophysics, functional neuroimaging, and computational models.

I continue a close collaboration with Dr. Bruno Giordano on the perception and cerebral processing of non-speech natural sounds (MEG information-theoretic methods). I trained in psychophysics and psychoacoustics, funded by an NSERC-CREATE Auditory Cognitive Neuroscience Fellowship, under Prof. Stephen McAdams at McGill University in Montreal, where I studied the mechanisms by which action-related auditory and somatosensory feedback signals are weighted and combined for the control of dexterous motor skills (Cao et al., 2016 Exp Brain Res). In 2013, I was visiting post-graduate researcher at the University of Glasgow, funded by a CIRMMT academic exchange program, for research in neuroimaging and quantitative modeling/analysis.

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