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Zahra Moradi

MSc (Social Cognition), PhD (Experimental Psychology)

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

research summary

I made my very first scientific exploration at the age of ten for which I was punished and grounded. Nevertheless, I continued being fascinated by the brain, its structures and functions. Most of all, I am interested in social cognition and how the brain makes sense of the social world. What role our emotions play in regulating social behavior? What neural networks support normal social cognition? What can we learn about the brain studying patients with social cognitive deficits? 

My optimal goal for the future is to bridge between social neuroscience and neuropsychology. Supported by the Wellcome Trust I am currently working toward establishing a test battery to improve the diagnosis of social cognitive deficits in stroke survivors and FTD patients. Ideally I want to explore the relationship between the disorders of social cognition in these patients and the structural and functional changes in the brain, using techniques such as the diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), fMRI, VBM and lesion symptom mapping.

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