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Dick Passingham

BA Oxon First, MSc University of London, PhD University of London, FRS

Emeritus Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience

  • Emeritus Principal (Wellcome Centre for NeuroImaging, UCL)
  • Emeritus Fellow of Wadham College

Research Summary

I am interested in what is special about the human brain. This has led me to study the prefrontal cortex, in particular, and to do so both in non human primates and in human subjects. I have used a variety of methods including studying the effects of lesions, working with patients with particular neurological disorders, interfering with brain activity by transcranial magnetic brain stimulation, and recording activations in the brain using both PET and fMRI. The work has culminated in a new proposal concerning the fundamental function of the prefrontal cortex (Passingham and Wise ‘The Neurobiology of the Prefrontal Cortex’, 2012, OUP).


I am now devoting my time to writing books. I am currently working on a book called ‘The Uses and Misuses of Brain imaging’ (OUP). The aim of this is to serve as a primer for those starting out on brain imaging, telling them the sorts of mistake that it is easy to make and the ways in which imaging data can be misinterpreted.


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Key Publications


Recent Publications

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