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After you have been offered a place on one of our courses.

Offer Letter and student contract

If an applicant is offered a place on their chosen course, then they will receive an Offer Letter containing links to the University Student Contract.  The offer letter may include academic conditions which they will need to meet (for example, to achieve a 2:1 or above in their undergraduate degree). We will also ask applicants to provide originals (not copies) of any required documents such as academic or English Language certificates.

College Acceptance

Applications will then be considered by the applicants' first choice colleges. If accepted, applicants will receive a College Offer Letter, stating any college conditions (this is usually provide proof of funding).  If an application is rejected by the applicant's first choice college then we will start the process of finding an alternative college.

Completion of conditions LETTER 

Once an applicant has met all conditions set by the department and college, they will be sent a completion of conditions letter and the University Card Form by the department.

If an offer holder requires a Visa, then the department will also start the CAS Request process at this stage. Offer holders requiring Visas should try to met their conditions as soon as possible so that the CAS Request can be started before the end of July.

Funding Decisions: Applicants who have been nominated for funding by the department will be notified of the outcome from April onwards.

Information for Oxford Students

The Oxford Student website provides a single point of access to information, services and resources for students. We would advise new students to visit the Arriving as a new student stie.  This is aimed at students who have met the conditions of their offer and have a confirmed place at the University and provides information and advice before arrival and during the first few weeks of term. 

The Department will also send you a Welcome Email with information regarding the Department's Graduate Induction Week Events which will take place during 0th week of Michaelmas Term. Therefore, it is important that new students arrive in Oxford prior to Induction Week.