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A Critique of Pure Hierarchy: Uncovering Cross-Cutting Structure in a Natural Dataset

Journal article

SAXE A., (2020), Neurocomputational Models of Cognitive Development and Processing

Dynamics of stochastic gradient descent for two-layer neural networks in the teacher-student setup

Journal article


Energy-entropy competition and the effectiveness of stochastic gradient descent in machine learning

Journal article

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Hierarchy Through Composition with Multitask LMDPs

Conference paper

SAXE A., (2020)

High-dimensional dynamics of generalization error in neural networks

Journal article

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Research Priorities for the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: A call to action for psychological science.

Journal article

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The effects of recalling positive and negative contacts on linguistic discrimination towards migrant people

Journal article

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Mathematics anxiety: An intergenerational approach

Journal article

Vanbinst K. et al, (2020), Frontiers in Psychology

Global reward state affects learning and activity in raphe nucleus and anterior insula in monkeys

Journal article

WITTMANN M. et al, (2020), Nature Communications

Perceptual Decision-Making in Children: Age-Related Differences and EEG Correlates

Journal article

Manning C. et al, (2020), Computational Brain & Behavior

Mapping human laryngeal motor cortex during vocalization

Journal article

Eichert N. et al, (2020), Cerebral Cortex

Treating Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Remotely with Cognitive Therapy for PTSD

Journal article

WILD J. et al, (2020), European Journal of Psychotraumatology

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