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Reasons in the Loop: The Role of Large Language Models in Medical Co-Reasoning

Journal article

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Ready meals that look hot increase consumer’s willingness to pay for plant-based options

Journal article

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The human hippocampus contributes to short-term memory.

Journal article

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The heterogeneity of Alzheimer's disease.

Journal article

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Assessing the visual appeal of real/AI-generated food images

Journal article

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From Loss to Disorder: The Influence of Maladaptive Coping on Prolonged Grief

Journal article

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Confidence regulates feedback processing during human probabilistic learning

Journal article

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Contingencias como Modelos de Causalidad en Psicopatología

Journal article

Castiello S. and MURPHY R., (2024), Acta Comportamentalia

Misinformation interventions decay rapidly without an immediate posttest

Journal article

Capewell G. et al, (2024), Journal of Applied Social Psychology

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