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Experimental Psychology joins forces with the Palix Foundation to share knowledge about the brain and psychological science

The Palix Foundation has pledged £265,250 to support a cross-disciplinary project aimed at sharing scientific knowledge about early brain development and its effect on mental health and addiction. The project will be delivered by the Department of Psychiatry and the Department of Experimental Psychology, and will unite Oxford and the foundation's shared vision of improving outcomes for children, their families and future generations.

Building quality, diversity and publicity for mental health research

Career Department General Impact Media Public Engagement

In a move that will transform future mental health research, Prof Elaine Fox has been made the national Mental Health Impact and Engagement Coordinator for UK Research and Innovation. Read more to find out more about what this means for supporting improved mental health research across the UK.

NIHR grant supports research into anxiety disorders in young children

Impact Media Research

Professor Cathy Creswell of the Departments of Experimental Psychology and Psychiatry at the University of Oxford has been awarded a £2.5 million grant from the National Institute for Health Research to develop and evaluate procedures for identifying and treating anxiety disorders in primary school aged children.

Paul Salkovskis joins the department

Department Media Research Teaching

Distinguished clinical psychologist, Paul Salkovskis joins the department, bringing his clinical and research expertise, heralding a significant evolution in its clinical psychology teaching and research.

Robin Dunbar and his Life Scientific

Department Media Public Engagement

Prof Robin Dunbar, Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Psychology has been in conversation with Jim Al-Khalili on Radio 4's Life Scientific. This fascinating podcast gives takes us on a journey from his early beginnings in science, and his fascinating research and groundbreaking discoveries he's made deciphering the mysteries as to why humans and animals evolve the social habits to exist in friendship circles.

Another successful UNIQ summer experience

Department Media Outreach

Earlier in July, the department was proud to have hosted another successful group of eager young Oxford hopefuls interested in studying experimental psychology at undergraduate level.

Sneak peek inside the Oxford BabyLab

Department Media Public Engagement

Now is your chance to get a sneak peek into the workings of one of the first dedicated developmental psychology research centres established in the UK. From looking at the development of cognitive functions such as speech and language, memories and higher executive functions such as decision making, the Oxford BabyLab has been unlocking the secrets of the developing infant brain since 1992.

Let’s talk about loneliness – the importance of social psychology

Loneliness is an expanding challenge for health and care, and something that could affect any one of us at any point in our lives. This year’s focal point is about reducing the stigma about loneliness. We’re using the opportunity to shine a light on some social psychology research and how it can help tackle loneliness.

The Planning Fallacy - Three Minute Thesis

Media Outreach Public Engagement

Dyedra Morrisey, a DPhil student from Prof Robin Murphy's Computational Psychopathology lab has won 2nd place in the "3 Minute Thesis" competition. Her talk covered her research into the Planning Fallacy, where people's expectations on the completion of tasks and meeting deadlines vary, often wildly. With a useful addition of real-life examples where the planning fallacy manifests.

BBC documentary on anxiety

Impact Media Public Engagement

As part of its Mental Health Season, BBC 1 showed their documentary on anxiety presented by Great British Bake Off Winner, Nadiya Hussain. The show featured Professor of Experimental Psychology, David Clark, who discusses with Nadiya the various features of anxiety.

The future of children and young people’s mental health research at the University of Oxford

Media Public Engagement Research

In her first interview since joining the University of Oxford, Cathy gives us a taster of what it's like researching psychological therapies for children and young people

The online psychologist

Impact Media Research

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, we are exploring how the University of Oxford has been researching the potential of online psychological treatments to support better mental health care

Department member honoured by Royal Society

Award Career Media

Professor Matthew Rushworth, Professor of Cognitive Neuroscience has been honoured by the Royal Society by being elected a Fellow for his outstanding contributions to science

‘Night-time Cat’ - a children’s book to support improved grammar understanding

Media Public Engagement

Postdoctoral research associate publishes a children's book that enables greater exposure to complex grammar structures at a young age, supporting children's long-term reading and learning development.

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