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Andre Miguel


I'm a 3D artist, who specializes in the conceptualization and creation of environments and characters. My crafts include digital sculpting, texturing, painting, lighting, rendering, animation, and bringing environments to life.


Currently working on the O-CAP team where I'm responsible for the design and 3D modeling of 3D environments depicting social situations and assist in building, deployment, and maintenance of VR applications and VR systems.


I've completed an MSc in Visual Information Technologies, at the University of Coimbra, and worked briefly as a Technical Researcher at the Institute of Systems and Robotic where I had the opportunity to publish two research papers in the area of Computer Vision and Computer Graphics. Since then, I've spent my professional time in several other companies delivering architectural and exterior rendering, 3D environments, characters, and developing VR/AR applications, as well as practicing game design and different styles.