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The following information outlines the entry requirements for our Undergraduate degrees and the relevant subjects for each course:

Entry requirements

GCSE Qualifications


The overall GCSE performance should reflect a good academic record. As a guide, typically applicants have at least 4 A* grades in relevant subjects. 

The scientific methods and statistics components of the course require a good level of mathematics background, and as such evidence of a strong background in mathematics (e.g. minimum A or grade 7 at GCSE level) is recommended.

Note that context and situation is always taken into account when determining what constitutes a 'good academic record' for individual applicants.


See examples of vocational courses and alternative qualifications.

Pre-interview admission tests

All applicants will be required to sit pre-interview admission tests as part of our entry requirements.

relevant subjects


For applicants wishing to study psychology on its own or combined with philosophy or linguistics then it is highly recommended to have studied a Maths or Science subject to to A2 Level, Advanced Higher, or Higher Level in the International Baccalaureate (IB) or any other equivalent examination. Science subjects included are: Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Psychology  


In general, it is not an advantage to have studied Philosophy or Religious Studies (which is often quite philosophical in content) to A2 Level. Good indicators for success in Philosophy are likely to be analytical disciplines.


For applicants wishing to apply for Linguistics, it is helpful to have studied English Language, Mathematics, a Science or any other language to a higher level.

Extended Projects

The Extended Project will not be a condition of any college offer but the University of Oxford recognises that the Extended Project provides an applicant with the opportunity to develop research and academic skills relevant for study here at Oxford.  Applicants are encouraged to draw upon relevant Extended Project experience when writing their UCAS Personal Statement.