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All applicants who wish to study Experimental Psychology or Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics at the University of Oxford are required to sit the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA). Those who apply to study Linguistics as part of PPL will also be required to sit a separate Linguistics Test as part of the Modern Language Admissions Test (MLAT).

The TSA and MLAT tests will be sat in Early November 2017 this year.

The TSA and the Linguistics Test help College Tutors to assess whether applicants have the appropriate skills and aptitudes for the course. The admissions tests are just one part of our admissions process.

registering for the Pre-Admissions Tests

Individuals can register themselves or their school or college needs to register for the relevant test or tests by the registration deadline of 6pm UK time on Sunday 15th October 2017. 

All applicants for Experimental Psychology or Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics need to register for the TSA. See for further details.

All applicants who have chosen Linguistics as a combination with Psychology or Philosophy will need to register for the MLAT as well. See for further details.

Please note that separate registration from UCAS is required for both tests

To register you as a candidate, your school or college needs to be a Admissions Test Centre. It may already be registered as a centre, otherwise it will need to be set up by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing.

For more information please see the central University Pre-Interview Admissions Tests at Oxford webpage.

test locations

Typically, applicants sit the tests at their own school or college. Students who have already left school often find that their old school is happy to administer the test on their behalf. The Admissions Testing Service hosts an extensive network of test centres in the UK and overseas, where any applicant can register and sit their test or tests. (Search for open centres)

If you have any difficulty finding a centre, please contact Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing for further advice.