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This is a part-time 4 year research degree. Successful applicants will be registered with the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford.

Students enrolled on the part-time MSc by Research in Experimental Psychology degree will follow the same course structure as the part-time DPhil (PhD) in Experimental Psychology over four years (with a maximum time allowance of six years).

Candidates applying for admission to this part-time course are required to show that their research topic is suited to part-time study and that the supervisor agrees with the part-time schedule.

Part-time study is expected to take place at 50% of the intensity of full-time study. The attendance requirement will be a minimum of 30 days University-based work per year. This will be spread across the academic year to be a minimum of ten days based in the department each term.

However, attendance is likely to be higher and will be determined by the demands of the individual research project and will be agreed with the candidate as part of the admissions process.

MSc by Research in Experimental Psychology students submit a thesis of up to 50,000 words and also attend an oral examination.

We require all applicants for the MSc by Research in Experimental Psychology courses to contact a potential supervisor in the first instance. This provides applicants with an opportunity to discuss the area of research they wish to conduct as a part of their MSc by Research studies and whether the potential supervisor is able to supervise their proposed project. It also allows applicants to discuss the suitability of the part-time time frame of their project.  

Applicants who do not approach a potential supervisor in the first instance, whose proposed Research Project falls outside the area of expertise of our Research Themes and/or whose project is not suitable to part-time study are unlikely to be successful with their application.
Please refer to DPhil (PhD) in Experimental Psychology - Part-time for further information on finding a potential supervisor and for information on fees and funding opportunities.

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