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Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics tutors reviews, interviews and selects the most competitive applicants each year to study Experimental Psychology or Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics at Oxford. Our academic entry requirements are A*AA across 3 A-Levels or equivalent qualifications.  

Last year we had over 745 applications, of which 243 were shortlisted and interviewed resulting in over 100 offers to potential applicants. (2020-21 Admissions Cycle)

All applications must be received through UCAS. Your UCAS application will allow you to submit all your relevant academic information, as well as your personal statement and school information. See more information on how to apply.

As part of the admissions process applicants will be required to sit Admissions Tests. All applicants will be required to sit the TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) test. More information can be found on the Pre-Interview Admission Test page.

For further information on the admissions process or open days please contact: 

Apply by

For entry in October 2022:

UCAS Application Deadline: 15th October 2021

Registration for the Pre-Interview Admission Tests: 15th October 2021

Course code

C830 (Experimental Psychology) CV85 (Psychology & Philosophy) CQ81 (Psychology & Linguistics) VQ51 (Philosophy & Linguistics)