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Competition for places to read Experimental Psychology, or Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics at Oxford is very strong. Each year we receive over 600 applications, many of which are of a very high calibre, for approximately 90 places. All applications are considered as a single cohort using the same selection criteria. The number of applicants we are able to invite for an interview is approximately 3 applicants per place. The interviews usually take place in the first two weeks of December.


Normally, to be invited for an interview, a shortlisted applicant will need to have a very good track record of academic achievement, excellent A-level grade predictions (or equivalent), a very strong UCAS reference and a good mark in our pre-interview admissions test.

We also take into account, any applicant whose individual circumstances, both academic and non-academic, which may suggest that their academic and pre-interview admissions test performance is likely to underestimate significantly their academic potential.

In addition, all relevant information presented on the UCAS forms, is carefully reviewed by College Tutors and Subject Tutors, before a final short-list decision is taken.


The interview is aimed at assessing the applicant's potential for future development and how they will cope with the course.  All our applicants, who are interviewed in Oxford, will be interviewed at two separate colleges, e.g. firstly, by their "college of preference" and then by an allocated second college.  This is to ensure that we have two independent assessments for every applicant we have interviewed.

Interviews will take place in December.

What will the tutors be looking for?

In addition to looking for a very good track record of academic achievement, tutors are keen to see whether you can evaluate evidence, are able to consider issues from different perspectives, have a capacity for logical and creative thinking, appreciate the importance of empirical evidence in supporting arguments, and can cope with the demands of the course. 

For further information please also see the University's guide to Oxford Interviews.


Our final offers are based upon:

  1. The interview
  2. Predicted or obtained A-levels or equivalent
  3. GCSEs or equivalent
  4. The academic reference 
  5. The pre-interview admissions test(s) results
  6. Personal statement
  7. Other relevant information. 

Offer letters are sent by colleges. If you have any questions regarding the interview process, once called for interview or once you are offered a place, please contact the relevant college directly.

For more information on offers and decisions please see the University webpages.