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(--- this webpage was set up recently and is still very much a work in progress ---)


At the Adaptive Behaviour & Cognition (AB&C) Lab, we explore the adaptive capabilities of our cognitive system. 

Our research programme focuses on understanding how cognition unfolds during naturalistic behaviour in real-world contexts. In particular, we interested in how memories of different timescales form during natural tasks and, in turn, how these memories ultimately guide a wide variety of behaviours. We want to understand how our goals, expectation, and experiences proactively and dynamically shape our actions. We are further interested in how we select and prioritise information within memory in service of adaptive behaviour.

The lines of scientific enquiry covered by the lab include attention and perception, working and long-term memory, action and motor control. Critically, we are interested in how these cognitive mechanisms interact to support adaptive behaviour in natural settings.  



An important part of advancing our research has been the development and utilisation of methods necessary to measure cognitive processes during unconstrained behaviour. We use behavioural testing, including eyetracking and VR. We also utilise neuroscientific methods, such as EEG and MEG.

Our published work has covered topics such as open and reproducible research practices, Virtual Reality, analysis approaches for MEG/EEG data, online screen-based and VR-based studies, and mixed-effects/multilevel models.



We are committed to communicating and discussing our scientific activities and ideas, and participate in many public engagement activities.

Below you can see a selection of videos that showcase some of our themes and studies.


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