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Prof. Laurence Hunt

  • How do we decide between different courses of action in our daily lives?
  • How does decision making interplay with information search and attention? 
  • How do changes in our brain chemistry affect the decisions that we make?

The Laboratory of Decision Dynamics addresses these questions by collecting brain imaging data in humans performing simple 
decision tasks. We particularly focus on using techniques with high temporal resolution to study how decision making unfolds across time. We relate our findings to cognitive and computational models of evidence accumulation and information search. We collaborate with other researchers who record cellular data in animals performing similar tasks.

We also study the effects of drugs relevant to psychiatry on brain activity during decision making tasks. Our research aims to provide some of the 'missing links' between molecular and behavioural explanations of drug interventions in health and disease.

We are based at the Department of Experimental Psychology, and have affiliations with the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging and the Department of Psychiatry in Oxford.

For more information about our work and our team, please visit our lab website.

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