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Speech communication relies on both sensory and motor systems.  Interactions between these systems during speech production and perception are under active investigation. Sensorimotor Speech Processing Symposium is a forum for scientists interested in this topic to discuss and present their research.

If you interested in attending the symposium, please send an email titled REGISTRATION to There is no registration fee, but places are limited!


Tuesday 16th of August 2016, a day before the Society for Neurobiology of Language conference:


 Chandler House

 2 Wakefield Street, London WC1N 1PF



Riikka Möttönen and Muriel Panouillères

Communication & Cognition Research Group

Department of Experimental Psychology

University of Oxford

Scientific Programme Committee:

Patti Adank, University College London

Daniel Lametti, University of Oxford

Riikka Möttönen, University of Oxford

Jeremy Skipper, University College London



9.30 Registration

Session 1

Chair: Riikka Möttönen

10.00 Welcome & Keynote talk: Patti Adank: Studying sensorimotor processing using distorted speech

10.40 Liebenthal: Neural dynamics of phonological processing in the dorsal auditory stream

11.00 Leonard, Cai, Babiak, Ren, Chang: The peri-Sylvian cortical networks underlying single word repetition revealed by electrocortical stimulation and direct neural recordings

11.20 Dichter, Leonard, Chang: Cortical representation of vocal pitch production

11.40 Biau, Soto-Faraco: Beat gestures and speech processing: When prosody extends to the speaker's hands


12.00 – 13.00 Lunch Break


Session 2

Chair: Jeremy Skipper

13.00 Ito, Coppola, Ostry: Neural correlates of sensory change in speech motor learning

13.20 Darainy, Vahdat, Ostry: Functional Brain Networks in Speech Motor Adaptation

13.40 Drijvers, Ozyurek, Jensen: Gestural enhancement of degraded speech comprehension engages the language network, motor and visual cortex as reflected by a decrease in the alpha and beta band

14.00 Nuttall, Kennedy-Higgins, Devlin, Adank: Speech comprehension and associated lip motor activity are modulated by suppression of premotor cortex

14.20 Kennedy-Higgins, Descoteaux, Deschamps, Dick, Tessier, Tremblay: Role of the arcuate fasciculus integrity in speech perception in aging


14.40 – 15.10 Coffee Break


Session 3

Chair: Patti Adank

15.10 Niziolek: Speech error detection and correction in persons with aphasia

15.30 Chesters, Watkins, Möttönen: Improving speech fluency in adults who stutter using transcranial direct current stimulation

15.50 Choi, Bruderer, Werker: Sensorimotor influences to perception of native and non-native speech in infancy

16.10 -16.50 Closing talk: Pulvermüller, Schomers, Dreyer, Grisoni, Garagnani: Where is language understanding?: Three arguments for distributed action perception circuits

16.50 Wine Reception