Kirsten Smith

MA (HONS), DClinPsy, DPhil

MRC Clinical Scientist Fellow

  • Clinical Psychologist

Research Interests

My interests include psychological and neurobiological responses to traumatic experiences and the clinical translation of experimental research. My DPhil research focused on increasing our understanding of the processes involved in an intense or enduring grieving process or Prolonged Grief (PG) with a view to developing more effective psychological treatments to manage distress.

I was awarded an MRC Clinical Scientist Fellowship to develop and provide initial empirical support for a new therapist-assisted digital cognitive therapy for Prolonged Grief Disorder (ICT- PG).

I am a trustee on the board of a registered charity providing free facilitated group support to those who have lost loved ones to cancer ( In acknowledging the scale and impact of loss to cancer, we aim to encourage discussion, provide information and raise awareness through our bereavement support services across the UK.

Coping with grief after a bereavement

A science-informed talk for all audiences prepared as part of the Our Mental Wellness series provided by the Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford.