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The aim of the Research Symposium was to highlight areas of shared interest -- in both topics and methods -- that we hope will translate into increased research collaboration, shared teaching, and more joint social events. The event was well-attended by both departments, and featured talks by Matthew Rushworth, Miles Hewstone, Anke Ehlers and Lucy Bowes from EP, and Theresa Burt de Perera, E.J. Milner-Gulland, Mike Bonsall and Tom Pizzari from Zoology.

The talks, posters and discussion that followed showcased real synergies between the two departments. Feedback on the event has been extremely positive, and it was fitting that the final question was "when will we do this again?". The building to be constructed as our new joint home will be designed to foster these kinds of shared activities that can only strengthen both departments.

The talks demonstrated the breadth of research conducted in each department, and highlighted a remarkable number of synergies -Professor Tim Coulson, Associate Head of Department, Department of Zoology