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This seminar is being facilitated together with the WIN ECRs, targeting resilience and ultimately preventing conflicts before they might arise due to stress management and strengthening our own resources.

This training will be delivered by Dr. Rachel Morris (, from the Institute for Continuing Education at the University of Cambridge. She is a GP with background in Medical Education and a leading trainer in resilience at the workplace. 

This workshop (talk by speaker and breakout rooms for discussion) will examine how our brain reacts and how we think and act when we are ‘backed into the corner’ in our ‘fight, flight or freeze’ zone. We will learn constructive ways to recognise and deal with our triggers and how to manage our ‘inner chimps’ (black and white, inflexible thinking) and focus on practical and resource-oriented approaches to prevent conflicts in the first place. Finally, we will generate tips to prevent conflicts in a team, such as building trust, not triggering others, taking different ‘hats’.

PLEASE NOTE: Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis for a maximum of 30 attendees. If you register after we have reached this number, you will be put on a waitlist. If you register, you will be contacted the week before the event to definitely confirm your attendance.