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Prof. Gaia Scerif

Enthusiastic EEG participant

Attention shapes what we act upon and learn from our environment. And yet there is much to be discovered about the following:

  • How do attentional processes develop in infants, toddlers and children as they become attentive adults?
  • How does the brain implement these developing functions?
  • How do genetic and environmental factors constrain the development of attention?
  • What is the impact of attentional difficulties on learning over developmental time?

We ask these questions by studying typically and atypically developing people from early childhood into adolescence and adulthood. Our group is also part of the Developmental Psychology Research Theme.

Our team

Selected publications


1. Early Attention and Number

How does attention matter to developing numeracy? Can a combined executive and early numeracy intervention help children build stronger foundations for later maths?

2. Attention TO Maths and Webcam-based gaze processing

Can we understand mechanisms of Attention TO Maths by using multiple methods concurrently? Can we use low-cost webcams to measure and monitor people's eye gaze while online?

3. Attention Difficulties: Mechanisms and Plasticity

How does neurodivergent attention affect developing cognition?

4. Atypical attention and memory

How do they operate in a social and non-social context?

5. Perceptual Development

How do children make decisions about visual information as they get older?


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