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Prof. Masud Husain

Why are some people inattentive or forgetful? Why do others make bad choices or simply can't be bothered to act?
We want to understand the mechanisms underlying these problems - in healthy people and patients. And we're developing new treatments for them, across a range of neurological disorders.

The group brings together the expertise of clinicians and scientists to study mechanisms underlying inattention, poor memory, disorders of motivation and abnormal decision making. 

We want to understand how these processes normally operate and how they might go wrong in brain disorders. We focus on:

  • attention and memory
  • decision making and motivation

in healthy people and patients with Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke and vascular dementia. A major research initiative of the group is to understand the basis of impulsivity and apathy. 

We're developing treatments for inattention, memory disorders and apathy based on new findings in cognitive neuroscience.

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