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We work to understand the neural computations that underlie visual perception by measuring detection and discrimination of carefully specified stimuli.

Perception lab dr hannah smithson

How are the signals from the three classes of cone photoreceptors processed to give rise to our perceptions of colour? What are the neural circuits of comparison and combination that permit the efficient transmission of visual information from retina to cortex? We specialize in psychophysical experiments with adult observers, but collaborate with physiologists, computer scientists and physicists to inform and constrain our analysis of behavioural data.



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  • The Oxford Vision Group (OxVis)

    The Oxford Vision Group (OxVis) brings together researchers in Oxford who are interested in vision, and provides a forum for the sharing of ideas, skills and approaches.

  • Past events

    We hold two meetings a year, with different formats. Our meeting venue alternates between Pembroke College and the John Radcliffe. Here is a list of past events.

  • Organising committee

    OxVis runs with the help of a voluntary committee. Please get in touch if you'd like to help.

International Pupil Colloquium

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