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The Department of Experimental Psychology are hosting a Mindfulness taster session for the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, followed by a six-week course.

Considerable research has demonstrated that mindfulness is effective for reducing stress, alleviating anxiety and improving emotional well-being. This practical six-week course, taught by teachers from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, is designed specifically for people in the workplace setting.

The aim of the course is to learn how the integration of simple, practical, mindfulness techniques into everyday life can assist with clarity and focus and increase the possibility for a richer more vivid existence. The course also includes psychoeducation about stress, anxiety, and negative thinking, and encourages an orientation towards positive wellbeing, resilience and self-care.

Interested? Book your place on a free taster session

Following on from the taster session, the six-week course will begin on Thursday 11th October, 9.15am-10.45am. Please note that in order to sign-up for the six-week course, you must have attended the taster session. All participants on the course must be prepared to commit to all six sessions and do daily home practice of approx. 30 minutes).

For more information about mindfulness, please visit the Oxford Mindfulness Centre website.