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Ample research establishes the role of personal values as an important aspect of one’s identity, and as motivators of social behaviour. However, previous theoretical work assumed that such values can only be identified in adolescence, as youth explore their identity and find their independent aspirations. I will present recent research suggesting that values can be identified in middle childhood. I will show trajectories of value change during the elementary school years, and the associations between values and prosocial behaviour over time. We will discuss what children's values are, and how they develop.



Dr Ella Daniel is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of School Counseling and Special Education, Tel Aviv University. Dr Daniel’s interest focuses on the development of values and social behaviour across the life span, and especially between middle childhood and adolescence. She examines personal and social determinants of moral development, including cognitive, socio-cognitive, family and social media antecedents. Her research is funded by the Israeli Science Foundation and the European Research Council.



This is a hybrid event.  The seminar will be held at the Seminar Room, New Radcliffe House (2nd Floor) but can also be followed on Zoom.  

You can access the Zoom link via OxTalks at The Development of Values in Middle Childhood - Oxford Talks Or, email us at to request the link.