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Devanshi Trivedi

MSc Psychological Research Student


I am broadly interested in the developmental role of executive functions and top-down processing during learning, particularly in early childhood. My goal is to apply this within the field of education to look at how learning in early childhood can be optimized. 

The roles of parent-child interactions, learning environments and diverse socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds on educational outcomes are of particular interest to me. I hope to do research that encompasses various methodologies and settings; such as labs, schools and home environments. 

I would love to eventually develop enjoyable (and generalizable) light-touch interventions that could decrease domain-specific anxieties, help bridge achievement gaps between children from various socioeconomic backgrounds and allow for higher transferability of skills, particularly in STEM education.  

Prior to my time here, I was mentored by Dr. Michelle Greene at the Bates Computational Vision Lab, where I worked on capacity limits in visual memory and got experience collecting EEG data. I learnt the basics of 7T fMRI data analysis (FSL) with Dr. Wietske van der Zwaag at the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging while studying cerebellar responses during proprioceptive tasks and trained in wet lab techniques for a year in Dr. Martin Kruse's neurobiology lab during my time at Bates College.