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Dr. Ann Dowker

Developmental Science

Studies developmental and individual differences in arithmetic. Effects of language and culture on development of arithmetic. Attitudes to maths and mathematics anxiety. Strong interest in developing interventions for individuals with mathematical difficulties.

Our studies indicate that there are large individual differences in arithmetic in the general population. More ever, arithmetic is made up of many components, which may correlate, but also show significant functional independence. Discrepancies between any two such components, in both directions, are common. We have studied this in preschoolers; in typically developing primary school children and those with mathematical disabilities; and in adults; and have looked at them in relation to culture and language, and to emotions and attitudes toward mathematics, We have been applying our findings to the development and evaluation of interventions for children with mathematical difficulties (including longitudinal studies and randomized controlled trials). One main outcome of our research is the Catch Up™ Numeracy Intervention Project

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