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We are scientists at the University of Oxford looking for (UK/Ireland) volunteers who are 18 and older and identify as having experiences of:

1) Obsessive-compulsive disorder

2) Panic Disorder or generalised anxiety disorder

3) Post-traumatic stress disorder

4) No previous experience of mental health difficulties

We are looking to understand how adverse life experience may impact mental health difficulties. A greater understanding of the interaction of these will help us to develop more effective psychological support for these people.

Taking part in our research would involve a short interview (via Teams or telephone) followed by completing some questionnaires. Please follow the link here to our participant information sheet. If you are interested, you may contact us at to arrange an interview.

This study is being conducted by Psychology Researchers at the University of Oxford (Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training and Research) with extensive experience in psychological research and clinical work:

· Professor Paul Salkovskis, Principal Investigator and Primary Supervisor

· Torileigh Matthews, Trainee Clinical Psychologist

· Amy Lunn, Trainee Clinical Psychologist

· Dr Sam French, Clinical Psychologist (External Supervisor)

Our study has received ethical approval from the University of Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee (CUREC): R89339/RE001